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Business Process Improvement Approach

There are five steps to improving business processes as shown in the diagram below:

Step 1 - Define

This step defines what is going to be improved, why it needs to be improved and who needs to be involved. Typically the following are defined and agreed to before progressing to Step 2:
  • What processes need to be improved.
  • Why the processes need to be improved.
  • The likely cost and time frame of improving the process.
  • The expected benefits of improving the processes.
  • Associated risks with changing the processes.
  • Key stakeholders who will be impacted by the process improvements.

Step 2 - Measure

In this stage the subject matter (SMEs) are interviewed and the current (as-is) processes are documented including current problems and opportunities for improvement. In addition, performance measurements of current processes are collected so they can be compared with the improved processes performance measurements at a later date to verify the expected benefits of the business process improvement initiative have been delivered.

Step 3 - Analyse

The current (as-is) processes are analysed to identify the root causes of the problems identified in Step 2 and the new (to-be) processes are defined to rectify these problems and also to implement any additional improvement opportunities that have been identified.

Step 4 - Improve

The new processes are implemented including changes to roles, process automation, work practices, training, IT systems, etc.

Step 5 - Control

Performance measurements for the new, improved processes are collected and compared to the performance measurements of the old processes to confirm the expected benefits have been achieved. In addition, the new processes are monitored and any new issues/improvement opportunities are identified and are included in a post implementation review (PIR) which recommends the next steps in order to improve the business processes further (i.e. feeds into the continuous improvement cycle).