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Finding and procuring the right IT solution can be a very complex, time consuming and costly exercise. Following our structured approach will ensure you purchase or develop the best solution for your business based on your priorities. You will avoid having to develop workarounds or put up with on-going problems with an ill-fitting or poor quality solution.

What is Solution Selection and Acquisition ?

Solution Selection and Acquisition is the identification and assessment of potential IT solutions to meet business needs and the subsequent procurement of the chosen solution.

Why use our Solution Selection and Acquisition Service ?

Specifying your IT requirements and assessing a myriad of potential IT solutions can be a very complex and confusing exercise if you do not follow a structured approach. Not following a structured approach often results in the implementation of poorly chosen IT solutions that do not meet business needs. Businesses then develop workarounds and implement supplementary IT solutions making the business processes even more complicated, error prone and costly to run.

Our Solution Selection and Acquisition Service can provide the following benefits:

  • You will be able to choose from a larger range of solution options resulting in a better solution choice.
  • You will be able to see what each solution can or can not do before committing to a particular solution as we specify and compare your IT requirements to the capabilities of the potential solutions.
  • Your business priorities will be taken into account when assessing potential solutions including cost, timeframe and risks to ensure the chosen solution is the best option for your business.
  • You will get the best solution at the right price as we will help you manage the tender and/or contract and manage the associated vendor and solution implementation risks.