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Install Solution

A poor implementation of a new IT solution can have a number of adverse impacts on the business including staff having difficulties using the new solution, delays getting the solution up and running, and on-going changes required to get the solution to support the business. All these impacts cost the business time and money. Our Implementation Service will ensure the implementation of your new IT solution runs smoothly, preventing ongoing interruptions to your business and ensuring the benefits of the new solution are delivered as fast as possible.

What is Solution Implementation ?

Solution Implementation involves a number of activities required to successfully establish a new IT solution in a business including software installation, software customisation and configuration, data migration, acceptance testing, user training, business process change and benefits management.

Why use our Solution Implementation Service ?

Implementing a new IT solution impacts many parts of the business: IT Infrastructure may need to be upgraded, staff need to be trained to use the new IT solution, business processes and work practices need to be updated to align with the new IT solution etc.
In addition to these impacts the new IT solution needs to be tested and configured and any issues need to be proactively addressed before being released into production.

Our Solution Implementation Service can provide the following benefits:

  • You will minimise adverse impacts, during and after implementation.
  • Your business will make a smooth transition to the new IT solution.
  • Your business will rapidly reap the benefits of the new IT solution.
  • By avoiding post implementation issues, you will save time and money.