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Return on Investment

by on 01/03/2017
    We can help you select the right IT system to maximise the return on your investment by:
    • Determining your business needs.
    • Identifying solution options that align with your business needs.
    • Assessing the pros and cons of each option (e.g. features, costs, benefits, risk) to enable you to select the right option.
    • Assisting you to plan for and implement the chosen system.

Cloud Application Integration

by on 27/05/2015
    Integrating your Cloud Applications is vital to ensuring efficient and effective business processes:
    • Customer contact information is up-to-date and available in all systems.
    • Accurate product descriptions, prices and stock levels are kept up-to-date across all systems.
    • Invoices and payments are effectively managed no matter which system generates or processes them.
    • Business owners, managers, sales staff and accounts always have access to current customer and financial information.

Sharepoint Solutions

by on 22/01/2015
    Brisbane IT Services can develop SharePoint Web Apps for your business. SharePoint Web Apps will allow you to do the following:
    • Have a cloud based tailored web app that meets your specific business requirements
    • Access the web app and your data online from any device, anywhere, anytime
    • Replace spreadsheets with simple online web apps that can be accessed by multiple users
    • Host and access your web app from your SharePoint site.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

by on 30/09/2013
We are getting lots of requests from businesses to help them find and implement the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for them. If you need a solution to help you with the following, we can help:
• Customer contact details
• Customer communication management
• Lead and opportunity management
• Sales forecasting
• Pipeline reporting
• Emarketing
• Task management and reminders
• Quote generation

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