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Cloud Solutions

by on 18/07/2013
Cloud based software solutions have come a long way in the last year or two.

A business who sells from a shop front, and on-line through eBay and their own web site, can now have their ecommerce web site, accounting system, P.O.S. system, inventory management system and more all hosted in the cloud and integrated with each other using cloud based integration software so they can all talk to each other (i.e. eBay, the e-commerce web site and the P.O.S. system can each let the inventory system know when an item is sold so the inventory is kept up to date and more items can be ordered automatically if necessary). This means that a business can use a variety of integrated solutions and all they need is a browser (i.e. an iPad). They will no longer have to upgrade their software when new versions become available, their data is managed and backed up for them, and this all comes at an affordable price.

Quote and Proposal Solutions

by on 12/05/2014
    Brisbane IT Services can help find and implement the right solution for your business to enable you to quickly create professional looking quotes and proposals. Quote and Proposal solutions can help a business by:
    • Using templates and a content library to quickly create quotes and proposals
    • Including interactive content, like videos, picture galleries and electronic signatures
    • Accepting electronic payments via paypal etc
    • Tracking quote and proposal pipeline, follow-ups, comments etc
    • Providing statistics and analysis of your quoting/proposal process

    • An example of Quote and Proposal solution we can help you implement is Quote Roller.

Automate Workflow, Tasks and Processes

by on 21/01/2013
You can automate your business processes by implementing a workflow solution.

You will be able to easily assign, update, approve and track tasks both in-house and remotely and be notified if any task is overdue.

IT Solution and Software Customisation

by on 22/01/2013
We can help you identify what customisations are required to an IT solution so that is meets your requirements.

We document your processes and IT requirements and perform a gap analysis between your requirements and the IT solution and help you negotiate with the vendor to design and develop customisations to fill any identified gaps.

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