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Business Process Improvement

by on 01/04/2013
Most business owners know that having staff with the right attitude, skills and knowledge goes a long way to making a business successful.

Most business owners also accept that it is difficult to run a competitive business without using technology whether it is something basic like a web site or accounting system, or something more substantial like a task/job management solution.

What is often overlooked is how the staff do their tasks (business processes). There are different ways to do most tasks some being more efficient and effective than others:

I used to watch in amazement as my father-in-law mowed his lawn in what appeared to be a random pattern. He would start the lawn mower and then look for a patch of long grass to mow and would push the mower over that patch of long grass and would then look for the next patch of long grass to mow. This resulted in him going over the same piece of lawn multiple times as he walked towards the next patch of long grass, he took a long time to mow the lawn and there was always a few patches of lawn that were missed.

The same thing often happens when staff perform their tasks at work. Without following a proven process each staff member will make up they own way to do their tasks based on their experience and knowledge. Some may be efficient, some may be effective but if they followed a proven process they would all be effective and efficient: saving time, saving money and making fewer mistakes.

Brisbane Information Technology Services specialises in looking at your business processes and identifying ways to make them more efficient and effective.

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