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Company Overview
Brisbane Information Technology Services was established by Paul Edwards and Clive Churchman in 1993 to provide Information Technology consulting services mainly to large organisations. In 2011 the company expanded it services to help small and medium sized businesses find and develop IT solutions, implement IT solutions and improve their processes to get the maximum benefits from Information Technology.

Paul Edwards

"I always have a strong focus on my clients' business outcomes which is reflected in the delivery of more than a dozen successful projects. I am a strategic thinker in information management, business intelligence and data warehouses"

Paul has over 24 years in the IT industry, predominantly leading and managing projects. Paul has more than 20 years Oracle database expertise and specialises in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence. Project Management, Oracle Database development and tuning, and Asset Management Systems.

Clive Churchman

"I am outcome oriented and always strive to deliver practical solutions without sacrificing quality."

Clive has over 30 years experience in the IT industry and has held many roles covering operational support, system design and development, business analysis and project management. Clive specialises in product evaluation, process improvement and on-line business.

Getting the right IT solution for your business is a tough challenge. Get it right and you can make significant improvements to your business. We use proven techniques and skilled personnel to make choosing, developing and implementing IT solutions straight forward.
All of our staff are experienced and skilled professionals and are able to help you with the following:
  • Independent strategic, tactical and operational IT advice.
  • Software development including databases, web sites, iPhone apps and desktop applications.
  • Process improvement to ensure you are using your IT solutions effectively.
  • IT solution investigation and evaluation to help you choose the right IT solution.
  • IT solution implementation to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your IT solutions.