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Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Do we provide other IT services

A. We provide a range of additional IT services in collaboration with our solution partners including:
  • Web sites
  • Software development
  • IT Infrastructure/Hardware
  • VOIP
  • Training
  • IT support
  • Q? Do we provide software solutions

    A. We source software solutions from our solution partners or third-party software manufacturers; or develop a bespoke solution for you depending on your requirements and what software solutions are available.

    Q? Can we provide advice and assistance to get more out of your current IT solutions

    A. We have a number of consultants with expertise across a range of software products, technologies and databases that can provide strategic advice and operational assistance to help you get the most out of your current IT solutions.

    Q? Can we help with existing systems

    A. We can help improve or resolve issues with you existing systems whether it be a simple spreadsheet, relational database or third-party-product.