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James Williams

We have benefited from having Brisbane Information Technology Services provide consultancy for our team of over 20 business analysts. They provided a positive influence through their vision to mature the team and in leading by example with the highest standards of work. Their consultant was energetic and had a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of business analysis and business improvement techniques. With a professional and common sense attitude, they were approachable and passionate about empowering others.

James Williams Queensland Health

Jeremy Harrison

I was highly impressed with the depth of knowledge and professionalism displayed by Brisbane Information Technology Services during their time working with my team on our software licence management project. They provided expert support for gathering and documenting current and future business requirements and designing appropriate best practice processes for our organisation; in designing and running an extensive tool evaluation and selection process; and performing appropriate tool configuration and implementation activities. Their support was crucial in maturing our software licence management processes and reducing our compliance risk profile, and their willingness to transfer knowledge greatly increased our effectiveness. I can confidently recommend Brisbane Information Technology Services for any and all activities in this area for any size organisation.”

Martin Wauchope

I worked with one of Brisbane Information Technology Services' consultants at the QPS, both as their team leader and then as a co-worker in different teams. They were highly skilled and experienced and had a capacity to cope with complex tasks with ease. They were at all times professional and also brought a large amount of enthusiasm and good humour to the task making them a real asset to any team.

Martin Wauchope Queensland Police Service